Since we formed four years ago, Double Jab Boxing Club, in the heart of New Cross has been changing lives. Our coaching goes beyond boxing and teaches discipline, respect and commitment to all our members, giving them the moral foundations to tackle all that life will throw their way.

Double Jab has proved to be a powerful force for change in the community. Our diverse membership promotes integration while our female coaches and boxers demonstrate our all inclusuive approach to the sport. We welcome all ages and abilities, with the promise of equal oppertunity and support.


Our growing number of competitive boxers and proud list of Champions and finalists show that our venture here has been a success. We have given many people in the local community and beyond the oppertunity to work hard and be rewarded for it. The sense of achievement felt by our boxers has given many of our members purpose and direction in an otherwise distracting world. We are, and always will be far more than a boxing club.

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