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micheal harris, head coach

I am the Head Coach of Double Jab ABC and had over 60 fights in my own amateur career. With over 20 years experience in boxing and a qualified PT for 7 years I've been helping people reach their goals in skill and fitness full time since 2012. Since my appointment as Head Coach I've won BBC Sports London Unsung Hero and lead the club to win London Sports Club of the Year. I'm honoured to lead our Competitive boxing team and I have had two national champions and 10 gold medals in various international box cups. 

Level 2 England Boxing Coach

Level 3 Performance Coach (pending qualification)

Coach Educator

British Board of Control Professional Boxing Coach


Gabriel marsh

I am a personal trainer who specialises in coaching boxing, endurance training, as well as strength and conditioning. I have been boxing since 2011 and have had many bouts, as well as coached many boxers. Due to this experience I gained extensive knowledge on how to train men and women at all levels of fitness, and levels of boxing. I also specialise in strength and conditioning training. Whether you’re a boxer who is training to gain more explosive power before a bout, or a recreational gym goer who wants to up their bench press/ squat I am here to help.

Level 1 England Boxing Coach

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Kettle Bell Qualified

Level 4 Strength and Conditioning Coach 


ana ndekwe

My name is Ana Ndekwe, I am a boxing coach and I go by “@femaleboxingcoach” on social media.  I train women of all backgrounds and abilities in groups or 1-on-1 sessions.  I help women find the confidence within themselves to develop strength both physically and mentally when boxing and give them motivation inside and outside of the ring/gym.

Level 1 England boxing coach 
Level 2 Fitness instructor (gym based)
Degree in youth and community work (young people) Safeguarding
Level 2 British sign language (Deaf clients)



My name is Mark Aarons, I am a Level 1 Boxing Coach accredited by England Boxing. I undertake boxing PT or fight preparation 1 to 1 sessions for both men and women. I focus on boxing technique, fight tactics and the psychology of fighting; utilising contemporary and old school boxing techniques. 

Level 1 England boxing coach 

asa clark 

I am Asa Clark and after joining Double Jab as a member and going on to compete I decided to pursue my coaching ambitions. I have now been coaching for the past 3 years assisting both male and females of all abilities to learn, grow and challenge themselves in the sport. If you’re looking to improve your boxing, lose weight or just want to get fit, get in touch to book a session so I can help you achieve your goals!

Level 1 England boxing coach


John Dang.jpg
john dang 

I'm a fully qualified personal trainer and boxing coach, with over 25 fights reaching elite level. I was previously also a professional Muay Thai fighter. I am currently the Lead Coach of the Amateur Boxing team at Double Jab Boxing Club. I offer Boxing and Muay Thai training that will fit around all your training goals, whether that is to lose weight, improve fitness or get you ready for a whitecollar bout. I approach coaching clients the same way I trained for my fights: with patience, discipline and determination. In the last 5 years I have coached a variety of clients of all levels; so no matter who you are or what skill level, I will be able to work with you and deliver life changing results.

Level 2 England Boxing coach

Level 3 (Premier Global NASM) Personal Trainer 

Hatton Academy - Elite Instructor