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Want to give your child an opportunity to make new friends, learn about discipline and instill respect? Look no further than our Kangaroo Kids club. Your child will get fit and healthy in this friendly yet firm environment. Our classes will do wonders to your child's development both physically and mentally as boxing will enhance their confidence and self-belief that will surely aid them in later life. On turning 11 they can advance into our other classes and would now be of age to compete should they choose. Boxing is positive for all ages, but in particular for children. Children can often struggle to express themselves therefore they can really benefit from this physical stress-relieving sport. We also give out regular medals to reward good behaviour to give the children a real sense of achievement. Bring them along to see the benefits for yourself! They will love it!



Tuesday 4-5pm (5-8 years) / 5-6pm (8-11 years)



per session

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